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Do you know what you need already? Please send us your design and BBEST will turn your expectation into reality! We have experienced workers that specialize in turning grade-A raw materials into quality fixtures. shape, color, and finish... as per your wish!

Custom Design

Product Design:

Have something in mind but not sure if it is the best way to go? Our experienced design team will help you with the process of perfecting your design in terms of functionality, aesthetics, material, and finish.

Efficient Design:

We want our customers to receive the best products with the competitive price. Our engineers can suggest the most cost effective solution.

Exquisite design:

Having over 20 years of experience in designing store fixtures, we have seen the major part of the industry and can suggest solutions that add value to your store.

Conceptual design

Our Services

Ready to go product

Regular Item

From aluminum slatwall display stands to foldable garment racks to circular rotary display rails. These are our best seller products that out clients absolutely love and repeatedly include in their stores. These products are simple solutions for your need and are usually in stock.

Supply Chain Support

Our solid supply chains provide a one-stop solution to fulfill your requirements. Please refer to our material list for the full list of material parts we provide.

Solid supply chain
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