Professional Slatted Panel System Manufacturer

Slatted Panel System

Slatted Panel System

Slatted Panel System

► Slatted Panel System Made in Taiwan. 

► We have 40 years of experience in making slatted panel system.

► Custom specification is available. 

► Slatted Panel System innovative design.

► All slots are punched by fully-automatic punch machine. 

► Compatible with BBEST's various types of accessories.

► Slatted Panel System Lead time: 6 weeks.

► Slatted Panel System Application: fashion shops, shoe shops, ornaments shops, sport shops, boutiques..., etc. 

► Slatted Panel System Major Export Market: Europe, Middle East, South Africa, USA, Australia/New Zealand, and Japan

► Slatted Panel System Products:Slatted Panel StandSlatted Panel Accessories.

► Slatted Panel Accessories:Slatwall Step Arm, Slatwall Faceout, Slatwall Hook Single Prong, Slatwall Hat DisplaySlatwall Ball Display, Slatwall EURO Hook, Slatwall Shelf Bracket...

BBEST is Taiwan specializes in manufacturing all types of Slatted Panel System. Our customers include many large Slatted Panel System Manufacturers, Distributors, and High-fashion stores around the world. Slatted Panel System innovative design. Slatted Panel System compatibles with BBEST's various types of accessories.