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Garment Rails, Clothing Racks

Garment Rails, Clothing Racks

Advantages of Garment Rails/Clothing Racks:


✔ K/D structure rails to save storage space and transportation cost

✔ hidden screwing design not affect the appearance

✔ durable mechanism inside the top tube for height adjustment

✔ customized design to make your own style shop

Garment Rails
BBEST specializes in manufacturing all types of Garment Rails, Clothing Racks. Our customers include many large Garment Rails Manufacturers, Distributors, and High-fashion stores around the world. 
Garment Rails hidden screwing design not affect the appearance.

We Products: Garment Rails, Metal Clothing Rack, Clothing Display Rack, Clothing Hanging Display Rack, Store Clothing Rack,Garment Display Racks ,Store Fixtures, Shopfitting, Clothing Racks, Upright Post System, Slatwall Display System. Welcome OEM ODM Store Fixture, Shopfitting, Clothing RacksGarment Rails in Taiwan.