Automated Stamping / Punching


Progressive Stamping

Progressive die/stamping is one of the best ways to run mass production with precise and tight tolerance for metal parts. Progressive stamping is efficient to reach the best production capacity within a short time. We have more than 6 progressive stamping machines, which include C-Frame Single Crank Power Presses and C-Frame Single Crank Power Presses with a progressive manufacturing facility. We are capable of managing both small and big roll-out projects as per your delivery schedule.

NCT (Numerical Control Turret Punch Press)

NCT machine reads CAD/CAM Design and punches on sheet metal


Auto Slot punching

  • We use only an automatic punching machine with a precise electric servo motor as the power supply to do the slot punch.

  • All slots are very precise and accurate as you see from the photos below.

  • The surface of the slotted tube is very flat (no dent).

  • We make more than 10,000pcs of slot punch tubes every month.



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